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The Brewer's Blog: What’s brewing in the background?

We have an Eclipse Brewing Co. event! The Legends at The Sea Garden Prevelly are hosting our Southwest Sundowner

With all this COVID business cruising around WA it has been hard to lock in an event that makes sense to us and can still go ahead.


We have been busy over the last few days discussing the ins and outs of our first event. We are stoked to finally lock down the details because over the last few weeks the COVID situation has made it hard to get anything done. We flagged the Northam Motorsport Festival as a great launch event - Cancelled due to COVID. We thought the Elevate Hot Air Ballooning Australian Championships would be a great event - Postponed due to COVID. We even talked to the organizers of a volleyball competition to sling some beers - Uncertain due to COVID.

This is why we are so stoked to be able to work with The Sea Garden Cafe Prevelly. The brewers all live in the Margaret River Region so we know how good the food and service at Sea Gardens is. We will be rocking Prev on Saturday 2nd of April when a few great kegs and a local band called 'the Plebs'. Come spend the afternoon with us for $15+fees inlcuding a Middy of Eclipse Beer.

I am keen to tell more Eclipse Brewing Co. stories on this Blog so stay tuned on our website, Instagram and Facebook.


Rhys Fleay


Eclipse Brewing Co.



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