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Early days in this Eclipse Brewing Co journey Chad and I got some 'pilot series' cans into the hands of a beer reviewer we really respected in Antipodean Beer Quest. For the record we laugh out loud at the various pronunciations of Antipodean ( An - tip - o - dee - an ) because neither Chad or I were A students in English.

The reviews we got from Antipodean Beer Quest were great for us developing recipes and testing against a bloke on the street who really enjoys craft beer. Thanks Gordon, you're a bloody legend and everyone should get following his page Antipodean Beer Quest

The craft beer community is great because as soon as our Eclipse Summer Ale was tapped in the Rose Hotel Bunbury the word was put out to The Beer Economist and Mel at the Rose Liquor Barons welcomed us all in with open arms. The Rose Hotel will hold a special place in Eclipse Brewing Co folklore as the first place to pour an Eclipse beer in WA for almost 90 years. Much fun was had and we are sure our paths will cross for many years to come.

This leads me to today when the most genuine beer reviewer in WA gave us the opportunity to swap some beers. Troy wasn't going to do 'selfies with freebies' and I bloody love that. We all got into brewing because we like trying new beers. Finding something you haven't tried and sharing it with mates. For this reason I am calling Troy the real-est beer reviewer in WA. He brews, he drinks, he get it. Follow Troy Goof Giuffre (@tbrs_brewspace) • Instagram photos and videos and give this bloke the following he deserves.

I could keep fizzing all night about how good these legends are but I should probably get to bed.


Rhys Fleay


Eclipse Brewing Co.


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